Candied fruits

Long time ago, the candying process lasted 2 weeks. It based on cooking fruit in a sugar solution on a low heat. The process required keeping stable temperature and parameters of the solution during its whole time. That is why they were the most expensive sweets. Nowadays, the process is much shorter thanks to using new technologies, however it is still a luxurious product.

Our candied fruits consist of only fruit, sugar and water. No preservatives, food colorings or flavorings are added.

The products are mostly for the confectionery and ice cream industry. They are used for:

  • for coating with chocolate,
  • added to cakes and ice cream,
  • for meat stuffings (f.ex. turkey with stuffing with blackcurrant),
  • for fish (f.ex. herrings with plum),
  • cheese (f.ex. Stilton with rhubarb).

We specialize in producing candied cherry and plum, but at client's order we also produce blackcurrant, redcurrant, rhubarb, gooseberry and cranberry.

Standard products, available all the time:

  • dried candied plum
  • dried candied sour cherry
  • dried candied aronia
  • dried candied blackcurrant
  • and others

Please ask for details and up-to-date pricelist. If you do not see the exact product you are looking for please send us its details and description.


  • 10 kg carton boxes with plastic foil
  • please enquire for retail packaging

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Copyright © Kandy 2019. All rights reserved.