We offer standard products for confectionery and ice cream: pastry fillings, gels and glazes, pastes and variegato.

Offer for industry

We recommend our fruit and cream components for confectionery, ice-cream and milk industry. They are higest quality food products for industry use, basing on fruits or plant fats. Products are standarized, recurrent, tested in most difficult conditions and... just very tasty.

Fruit components at first glance look like jam. Closely controlled production process starts with mixing fruit with sugar or sweeteners. Gelling agents, flavorings and food colorings are added if necessary. Such composition gives almost limitless possibilities to create products custom-made for the needs of the customer: from liquid essences to flavored mineral water through thick inputs for yogurts to hard fillings for cakes.

Our products are for the food industry, especially for confectionary, diary and ice cream industries. Sample products include aseptic inputs for yogurts, cheese and buttermilk or ice cream toppings, jellies for “Jaffa” cakes.

We offer our standard range of products or custom-made ones. Our research and development department has a lot of experience in cooperation with clients and working out parameters ideal for given application. Standard range

We guarantee full asepsis for clients who require it.

ISO PL-EN 22000:2006 RSPO Certificate
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Copyright © Kandy 2023.
All rights reserved.