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Components for the ice cream industry

Years of cooperation with companies producing ice cream gave us the opportunity to refine fruit flavors that perfectly complete the ice cream base.

We offer components used as ice cream sauces or for mixing with the ice cream base. We have both components with fruit pieces and toppings with homogeneous consistency.


Most popular among our clients are flavors such as: cherry, strawberry and forest fruit. Our candied fruit, like cherries, plums or others, can also be used in the ice cream industry.

Products for industry:

  • ice-cream toppings - added on top or as layers into the base, they make a nice finish for the ice-cream. They do not contain fruit pieces and are well mixed, therefore they can be applied with small needles. They can also be mixed with the base. Standard flavours: strawberry, sour cherry, forest fruits, blueberry.
  • ice-cream components with fruit pieces - components used to mix with ice-cream base to create fruit flavour and allow to have fruit pieces inside of the product. Standard flavour: sour cherry.

Please ask for details and up-to-date pricelist. If you do not see the exact product you are looking for please send us its details and description.


  • 1000 kg returnable stainless steel containers
  • 25 kg aseptic bags

ISO PL-EN 22000:2006 RSPO Certificate
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Copyright © Kandy 2024.
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