Components for the confectionery industry

We offer a range of products for the confectionery industry which are used both in industrial and handicraft production.

In our offer you can find thermostable fruit and cake fillings, fillings for gingerbread and Swiss rolls, gels for "Jaffa" cakes, gels for chocolate forms and other cake fillings and pastry fillings. Precise recipes created for the confectionery industry guarantee products which are adjusted to the specificity and temperature of production processes. Thermostable  fillings, used both inside and on top of a cake, retain their quality during baking in temperature of over 200°C and while freezing or defrosting. We also offer gels for chocolate forms that gelatinize at 30°C which prevents melting of the chocolate.

The most popular flavors are: vanilla, toffee, orange, sour cherry, strawberry and apricot. For "Jaffa" cakes we recommend: orange, cherry, gooseberry, raspberry, lemon and other gel flavors.

Standard products, available all the time:

  • fruit and cream thermostable fillings Lauretta - professional, versatile fillings for all kinds of baked products. Thermostable fillings, used both inside and on top of a cake, retain their quality during baking in temperature of over 200°C within 15 minutes and also while freezing or defrosting. They can also be used after baking. For more information and whole range please visit website:
  • decorative gels (hot glazes) Cristalli – these products are used to protect cakes and other confectionery and make them shine. They are often used for cakes with fresh fruits on top, like fruit tarts. Standard flavours: neutral, apricot. Available as ready to use and concentrate. For more information please visit website:
  • gels for Jaffa cakes and cake forms - these gels come in liquid form. Before use they need to be heated and acidified with citric acid. After the dosage, when their temperature falls, they become a nice fruit jelly. They come in two versions. One is for Jaffa cakes, dosed on biscuit and then covered with chocolate. The other one is suitable for cakes with forms on top that need to be filled with jelly. Standard flavours: orange, sour cherry, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, apricot, forest fruits, gooseberry.
  • gels for chocolate forms (low temperature) - these gels can be used with chocolate forms, as they require to be heated only to 27-30C. Chocolate melts in 36C. Standard flavours: orange, sour cherry
  • fillings for Swiss rolls - these fillings are suitable to apply on the pastry after baking and before rolling it. Standard flavour: strawberry.

Please ask for details and up-to-date pricelist. If you do not see the exact product you are looking for please send us its details and description.


  • 1000 kg returnable stainless steel containers
  • 11/12 kg plastic buckets
  • bag in box 10 kg

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Copyright © Kandy 2021. All rights reserved.