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Components for the dairy industry

We offer a wide range of fully aseptic fruit components for the dairy industry.

Depending on the clients’ requirements and the use of the product, we supply high-sugar fruit preparations for quarks, preparations for yogurts and concentrate or puree-based components for drinking yogurts, buttermilk and flavoured kefir. We also have "light" components – sugar free or with lowered amount of sugar.


At client’s request we can prepare products with varied physicochemical parameters which are additionally enriched with pro-health ingredients.

Most popular flavors are traditional Polish ones: strawberry, raspberry, cherry, forest fruit and peach. We also recommend vanilla and vanilla flavored inputs.

Standard products, available all the time:

  • preparations for yoghurt with fruit pieces - used to be mixed with „white base” to create fruit yoghurt. They can also be applied on top or in a separate compartment of packaging. Standard flavours: strawberry, peach, raspberry, forest fruits, sour cherry.
  • preparations for quarks with fruit pieces - used to create fruit quarks. Standard flavours: strawberry, peach.
  • preparations for buttermilk and milk drinks - for the production of drinks based on buttermilk, milk or other milk products. Standard flavour: strawberry.

Please ask for details and up-to-date pricelist. If you do not see the exact product you are looking for please send us its details and description.


  • 300-1000 kg returnable stainless steel containers
  • 25 kg aseptic bags

ISO PL-EN 22000:2006 RSPO Certificate
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Copyright © Kandy 2024.
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